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Engine Repair and Sales Shops

Whether you have an every-day car with an engine that’s past it’s best or you need a new engine to complete a restoration project on a specialist vehicle, engine repair and sales shops have a wide variety of solutions for you. But before choosing an engine repair shop or an engine sales site, there are a few questions you should ask to avoid disappointment in the long run.


Get the Right Shop to Get the Best Engine Repair

Making sure you get the best from your engine shop is easier than it sounds. You’ve got to arm yourself with knowledge. First, be sure you’re talking to an engine shop that specializes in the sort of engine you’re after. You wouldn’t go to a shoe shop to buy a guitar, so why would you ask a Chevy engine sales specialist to advise you on a new boat motor? Quite simply, you wouldn’t.

So do your research – any good engine sales associate will be more than happy to answer your questions to ensure you have the right information to make an informed decision.


Know What You’re Paying for

Once you’ve found the right engine repair or sales specialist, find out what is included with the engine you’re about to buy. If you’re having your existing engine rebuilt, ask about replacement parts that will be used and be sure you know what labor charges are, and aren’t, included.

When buying a remanufactured engine or new engine build kit, be sure you know what the engine shop will include with the sale and which components will cost extra. Also, if your engine is coming from outside your local area, be sure you know who pays the freight – and if it’s you, be clear about the rate and all the delivery details. Knowing how your engine sale will be billed helps you understand the true cost of your project, and allows you to compare bids from various engine repair shops fairly.


Local Engine Shops Can Save You Trouble

Often, the biggest problem in an engine repair project comes from waiting of the arrival of particular parts. In any given project, there can be hundreds of bits and pieces that are sourced from a variety of depots around the country – a good local engine shop will coordinate all this for you, so you only have to worry about keeping tabs on one person rather than half a dozen. 

What’s more, working with a good local engine sales shop gives you a sounding board for any questions you may have about your engine rebuild project, or any future work you may wish to do on your rebuilt engine.