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Remanufactured vs. Rebuilt and New

There are a variety of reasons to choose a remanufactured engine over a brand new one or even just a “rebuilt” engine. In today’s economic and environmental climate, a remanufactured engine has many advantages. Purchasing a remanufactured engine is both cost effective and environmentally sound.

It also has an advantage over “rebuilt” engines in that though they both enable consumers to rebuild something that already exists, and save money by not choosing to purchase brand new, remanufactured engines are superior in quality because all of the parts have been made to the original specifications. “Rebuilt” engines cannot offer the same guarantee.

A remanufactured engine has parts that have been remade exactly according to the original blueprints. Whereas “rebuilt” means only that upon the engine failing, individual parts were repaired in order to make it function again. Testing procedures for rebuilt engines are not standardized nor are they guaranteed to match the blueprint for the original parts.

Remanufactured engines are most notably the better choice for one more reason and that is they have been made to be the best; they’ve been tested, retried and re-fitted with top caliber parts to ensure their quality. In order to be re-built, something had to be wrong or not up to speed with one part or another of the original engine. Remanufactured engines are not only repaired up to the point of working again but are tested against the original specifications of those parts.

By fine tuning, utilizing the original blueprints, and performing countless tests to ensure quality, a remanufactured motor can overshadow its counterparts because not only is it cost efficient but its quality has also been tested with the original parts standard. Failed and worn-out parts of an original engine are transformed into a finely tuned remanufactured one.