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What is an engine?

We have all heard of an engine and anyone who’s had the opportunity to drive an automobile has, at one time or other, wondered exactly what makes their car capable of getting from one place to another. It is the engine that makes the automobile a transportation device and not just a fancy piece of metal to sit in.

The engine is what makes the car go. The mechanical parts of the motor, plus fuel and air, convert energy in such a way as to set those pieces into motion and propel the car forward. Inside engines, hot, thermal energy converts into mechanical energy, enabling components of a motor to be set in motion. The majority of today’s automobiles run on an internal combustion gasoline engine.

By mixing a small amount of gasoline with a large amount of air, gasoline vaporizes into the air causing an explosion or combustion inside the engine. To get the engine to work, air and fuel have to mix together and get into the various cylinders as the cylinders are starting their intake stroke. The process starts when air passes through the throttle plate after first entering the engine through the air cleaner. The amount of air is controlled by the driver pushing on the gas pedal.

Once the air passes through the throttle plate it then enters the intake manifold, a collection of passageways or cylinders. Fuel is added into the flow of air by the carburetor or the fuel injection system, depending on the age of the vehicle; fuel injection systems being in newer cars.

Now, along with air and a tiny bit of gasoline, a cylinder shaped piece of metal called the piston moves up and down inside the cylinder. When the piston gets to the top of the cylinder, the spark plug ignites, causing an expansion of gas which then forces the piston down with great exertion.  The piston pushes down on the crankshaft which changes it’s back and forth motion to a circular motion. The crankshaft is connected to the transmission, the transmission then turns the drive wheel which enables to the car to be set in motion.