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What We Do

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We Are Engine Installation Specialists

Today, engine replacement is about more than prolonging the life of your automobile. Sure, cars are expensive and we all want to get the most from our investment. But as the price of fuel climbs ever higher, and the age of environmental awareness rolls along, more and more people are taking a closer look at their vehicle and considering options that might improve it.

Benefits of Engine Replacement

Of course, if your car or truck has serious engine trouble, a visit to your local replacement engine installer is a no-brainer. Getting your engine replacement done by a local engine installation firm that’s trusted and respected is fairly straight-forward, and usually saves you a bundle compared to the cost of replacing the family car.

What Your Engine Installer Does

When you take your vehicle in for an engine replacement, the complexity of the installation varies depending on the model of your car or truck and the sort of remanufactured engine you’re having installed.

The basic procedure your engine installer will follow remains the same:

  • Remove the used engine components.
  • Assemble the engine components for replacement.
  • Attach the new engine components in the appropriate order.
  • Secure the engine replacement.
  • Fill the replacement engine with relevant fluids, and make final adjustments. 

Once all the components are installed and properly adjusted, your engine replacement is complete. The mechanics at the engine installation shop will do some testing and make further adjustments to fine-tune the replacement engine. And when they're satisfied your transplant work is successful, the engine installer will give you back your keys so you can hit the road and enjoy it.